Here at Hotrods to Hell we have been designing and installing CenterDrive Truckarm Kits for over a decade. Over this time we have gained a wealth of experience in tuning and adjusting our kits to work in a multitude of applications. This page is designed to answer some of the more common questions that we get every day.

Can I run the exhaust out the back?

Our Camaro and Nova kits were designed to allow for a rear exit exhaust system. We recommend using a x-style crossover and running the pipes down the driveshaft tunnel. The ground clearance is good, as a well sorted out system does not have to hang any lower then the front subframe.

Will you kit work with a Ford 9"?

Yes. Our saddlepads will accommodate a wide variety of rearends. A blank rearend housing will work on many of our kits. The A-body and G-body kits require stock style lower spring perches, but other then that a blank housing of your choosing will work.

What are the differences between the Stage I and Stage II kits?

The Stage I kit is designed for cars running 650 horsepower and under. If you are going to run much more then that our stage II kit is designed for virtually unlimited amounts of horsepower.

Which kit would you recommend for my car?

If possible running the stage I kit is a good choice as there is some weight to be saved. If you are not much over 650 horsepower we recommend using our stage I kit.

What can I do to improve the front suspension to match the CenterDrive Truckarm rear kit?

We offer front kits for several car. On first generation Camaros we have a spring and shock package that works really well with our rear kits.

What is included in the CenterDrive Truckarm Kit?

Our CenterDrive Truckarm Kits include everything that you need to Truckarm your car using the rearend of your choosing. Spring, shocks, and all required hardware are included.

What sort of ride quality can I expect?

Our rear suspension allows us to use a conservative spring rate that provides a smooth and compliant ride. The Truckarm Crossmember and forward boxing plates significantly stiffen the stock chassis and take the twist and flex out of the car. This is especially evident on all the subframe and unit body cars that end up feeling like a full framed car. We like to say they ride like a Cadillac.

Does the kit come with instructions, if so can I get a copy?

Yes the kit does come with a detailed set of instructions. No we do not offer instructions separate from our kits. If you would like to see some details of the installation process look here.(Click on the chevelle or Camaro magazines to read the respective articles.)

What are the disadvantages of modifying my factory setup?

1. Have you ever tried to lift one side of the rear end on your factory four-link suspension? You can't lift one side more then a few inches before the other side begins to lift as well. This lifting is caused by suspension bind. The factory suspension tries to overcome this bind by using soft rubber bushings. This, however, presents a new series of problems. Hard bushing are not the answer as they increase suspension bind.

2. What about leaf spring suspensions? Originally leaf springs were designed for use in horse drawn carriages, where they had only one job, isolate the chassis from the road. In a modern application leaf-springs are doing three jobs: Isolating the chassis from the road, locating the rear end and delivering the driving force to the chassis. This is a less then optimal solution.

3. Both leaf-springs and four-link suspension systems suffer from bump and roll steer, not optimal for high performance applications.

What are the advantages of the Hotrods to Hell Centerdrive™ Truckarm kit?

1. The long truckarms and compliant rubber bushings of our Centerdrive™ kit allow one side of the rear end to be lifted until it hits the frame rail without disturbing the other side. This gimbling effect keeps your tires where you want them, in contact with the ground. And the soft rubber bushings give a comfortable and quite ride.

2. The long truckarms have a flat radius arc. Why is this important? A short radius arc causes bump and roll steer by pulling one side of the axle housing toward the front of the car. With the Truckarm system there is no measurable bump steer or roll steer.

3. The car is now being driven from a point located behind the driver seat. Drive one and you will understand. The entire driving load is removed from the rear of the car and place in the center of mass. This gives you a compliant ride with incredible hook and stability.